Do you live in #Vancouver?  Come see @bing_clawsby & @paw_mccartney TOMORROW at #QueenElizabethPark at @firstcaturday 1:30-4:30 🐱❤️ || #FirstCaturday #BingClawsby #PawMcCartney #Cat




How much. Cat do. you have


Awwwe best of luck in your training!!


@allexxtorress maybe he keeps running away cause he's looking for @sammyytorres


@khewittt he gets to be called his name when he stops running away.. until then it's cat


@allexxtorress his name is Tyson 😒


All 4 of mine walk on leashes; even ALL at the same time; 2 on my left, 2 on my right. Uses clicks, 2 and3 word commands. They Love walking adventures :)


@edelbr_ there's your Saturday sorted! 😂


Love Your Content! ✌️


Mine do well as long as I let them lead!!! Haha


Cats on a leash? 😾😾😾We will rise up against the tyrant humans. I hope those poor cats barf a hairball in someone's shoe.


Great safety for kitties.❤️🐈❤️🐈🙏🏻🙏🏻


My ragdoll cat is leash trained for walking and she has been trained to freely remain in her back yard, so far so good. She's content at 1.4 yrs of age. We do take her for walks in quiet bushy areas, which is different in Australia. You only see dogs walked here in Aus.


How did you train them? I tried and my cat just fell over!


My cats love it 😉


@coffeeandteaforme Merlin and Morgana? One day?


Lol when I put voojeen on a leash and he just lays down like 'you're kidding' @catalinaisabella


Dude this cat of mine is into being walked.... @bluntress


Could you imagine walking our cats like this @catalinaisabella omggggg


😍⭐️⭐️⭐️😍 so sweet💗💗💗

We will be at our @firstcaturday in Portland. It'll be hot so bring some water for the kitties.


Awww so precious

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