😏 glasses @blinkoptical267




@kerstsc diese Ähnlichkeit🤔


Omg yass chy. keep blessing me with your pics doe. 😍😍😈😈 ❤️😊🤞🤞


Fana nawe kancane la @thandii_s


That Bad Chyna 😈😈😈


Long life for m'y star


Y que te dicen sobusa?


Beautiful Picture Chyna !!!


@ore_zzy you never stop do you?


@blacchyna please just kindly follow back


@d.touriac i like her braids lol


Pareces hombre


What kind of braids are them😛


Bae I'm not hating at all because I love you...Im just mad at ya hairstylist for braiding ya edges in.


@racheltrenzas las proximss seran estas 😍😍 cuidao si se la hace a alguien mas 😍😍


😍😍😍 this hairstyle @blacchyna


Maddd 🔥🔥🔥

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