Russell Wilson

It's all because of You Jesus. 🙏🏾

Seattle, Washington

It's all because of You Jesus. 🙏🏾




@ciara you've been my favorite singer since I was 13 (im 26 now) what makes me admire you as a person even more is the fact that you acknowledge Our Creator, and you have found a life long partner that will embrace your love and worship to Our Lord! 🙏🙏🙏 A major reason I chose you to be my role model when I was younger was my admiration in your ability to stay positive in all that you do. No matter how hard it was to cover it up in front of the camera! You and Russ are truly of God. I can tell by y'alls heart ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Take care Ci Ci. I'll 4ever support you!!! -Hiiya


Why did you Chang helmets


Gods dream


God is good !!!


@emileeceleste_ bae goals 😍 I'm patiently waiting Jesus!


Wat kind of helmet




My favorite Christian Athlete. And Favorite player. You're the reason why I love Seattle. Russell, you inspire me every day with your Tweets about God. Dude seriously, it takes a lot for you to mention God and stuff with your game. Reasons why I look up to you. Seriously man, I wish maybe one day I can meet you so I can say thank you. Seriously. God Bless you Wilson. You and your family.


@dangerusswilson never give up, 52 is waiting.


please go back to your revo speed


A Good Man! Proverbs 13:22


I like the old helmet @dangerusswilson 😂


One more


Amen. Jesus is the only way🙏🏽


What's that helmet called?


nice new helment


💙JESUS💚 Go Hawks !!


Go Hawks 💙💚💙💚


Is Jesus the reason you chose to throw instead of giving it to the best running back in the league and losing a ring?


I like ur old helmet better


Lets get this w tonight! GO HAWKS

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