"It's late, I'm off to bed." - @nikkifrufru @kittymansions #kittymansions ❤️




All thees condo rooms & you left me all alone. Wake me when the party starts. Oh, and have some snacks. You know the kind I prefer. 🐾


Hey get your cats one of these cat trees they will love it and you for doing ao


King of the hill! He is so eligant on his perch high in the air.


For my b day can you find something like this for casey but smaller like just two parts @shaen_randles


So nice. Need a big room though


That is like a cat paradise #loveit❤️


I have the same cat tree! But mines blue 😸


@biggwheels2001 This is a cool kitty mansion


Follow @/themightymaya (me) for adorable kitten pictures!! 😻😻


@vincent_j_s Jafar needs this


Chillin on sunday be like! 😻😻


I have this same cat tree for my cats!!!! They live it and hurry to see who gets the top seat!!!


@paigelubianski oh man. Gotta add this to my budget lmao


@hollytrofin thats gongshow


Does anyone else see the bearded man face imprinted on one of the bottom posts @catsofinstagram


@tbynx for bruceeeeee

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