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中 Snap | BlacChynaLA




wow yo why am I just finding out about these




Im suc those


You have some tingers


@blacchyna your always on your feet kick em up you need to relax and enjoy a nice foot massage tell me bout your day as well


You should show these beautiful feet off more often @blacchyna


Very pretty Lil feet


I agree, her feet are beautiful


觓 訇 郋訇郅邽郱訄郅


She know her feet are fire


U can tell a lot about a woman from her feet u ate a queen


Succuble toes


@nehayeh no tf she doesnt


She has your toes @mariamxsuleiman


@cornastone6 pretty decent.


@tha_real_bang what u think bruh?


PIMP LOVE pretty feet


I love your toes chyna!! They are absolutely PERFECT! I have a real foot fetish. And Im one of your greatest fans. If you ever see this message please send me a personalized one as a birthday gift? I pray you anyway but Ill stay on my knees a few minutes longer I can only try and Im doing it. I aint never scared my beautiful lady bug.


They pretty

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