@eddie_the_lilac_lion says #HappyPride, #Vancouver! #LoveIsLove #Pride #Love 🏳️‍🌈




So cute everyone wants to be loved


Right on!!!!


No difference between gay and straight except the act of sex. Yes let's celebrate taking it in the ass.


@Jackson_southern_ how are gay rights "political"...


Haven't the faintest idea what the hell these comments are about... but that is one handsome kitty!


If you don't like this post move the fuck on and have a blessed day, nobody is going to un-gay because of your ignorant comments ✨✌🏻


Love win!!!!!!!


Well, there are different kinds of love. Definition depends.


@jackson_southern_ No one said this was politcal; you're just trying to make it seem that way


Support what you believe in! ❤️🏳️️‍🌈


Why are people assholes? Who are you to tell someone who they can and cannot feel strongly for and/or love?


@jdubs9109 ouch. that hurts.


@jdubs9109 how is agreeing with someone for saying don't embellish something defined as "hate" ? Dry your eyes and chill, ok?


Friggen bible humpers. Always gotta get their tight holes in a bunch. Happy Pride to all and love will always shine above the ugly biggots.


@tmc8866 no one's making you look at this post. Move on if you don't like it. This is not a place for hate.


@jdubs9109 the same way no one cares what u like in the bedroom. SOME things should remain private.


@jackson_southern_ where's YOUR special day? Oh that's right...SOME people don't NEED to have an endless spotlight on them


@jackson_southern_ treating other humans with dignity and respect and giving them the same rights you have is hardly political, it's just being a decent person/not a piece of actual shit


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Honey your just tooo special. 😻😙❤️ lots of love ❤️ giant hugs and kisses 😻😙❤️🌷🌹💖😍😚@eddie_the_lilac_lion


@jackson_southern_ thought you said goodbye.


No doubt 🌈


Love love love love ❤️


Hey people 👆🏻 No one cares if you unfollow, or that you need to announce it, it just shows how big of an asshole you are.


@rhojolovesanimals don't let the door hit your ass on the way out 👋🏼


@olga4480 only the ones that aren't a sin 😉 cause let's be honest, this is t wrong.


@olga4480 you're an idiot.

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