@blankfreak lol don't eat white beans


@ridamaryamkhan I told that itself


@sannjjj it says if you fart on a guard not if you fart in prison -_-


@20.01_01 let's hope you never make it there then


ati2 km lek kesana @fredzch


πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ meeee? More like u don't do it @atiriyanarayan




What if it's an accident and they don't believe you?


Wtf bruh


Speaking of a retarded culture...gtfo


That's retarded


How to define "intentionally" πŸ’¨


@iam_jabu_35 fuck man.U r going to jail


Oh myy


Don't go to cali @naomi.lvy


@elizaykhan ye kia baat hui

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