@SunglassCat says #HappyPride, #Vancouver! #LoveIsLove #Pride #Vancouver #Love




One coooool cat if there ever was one!!


Pawty time !!!


@xxtals because I didnt wanna make you jealous


yes.. you are right. they are all different. 💖 @sunglasscat


@ludrakkrosa Thank you. Not every cat or dog will like noise. I know all of my cats individual personalities and what they like and dislike. Noise doesn't bother me or even fireworks 💥 We all are different just like people are so please never judge first before you discover likes and dislikes, or anything for that matter! No offense taken ... I'm a very unique cat.


Thanks sunglasses cat


Someone looks fabulous 💕


I am glad that it has a good life.. My cat will not like the noise.. and many people around him.. sorry if I offended you. @sunglasscat


@ludrakkrosa I'm not a poor cat! I am very loved and I am living the good life! So how do you think I'm a poor cat? You shouldn't judge anyone!


@chriswhelan Oliver is so festive


@LeylaAkansel why didn't you tell me you went to vancouver


Lol cute!!


@alexisgwen19 I aspire to be as cool as this cat. 😎😺


Yes @catsofinstagram .. so much fun! Lexy made new friends, rolled in the grass, ate ice cream & went for a swim too👍 Lots of luv for you too .. hope we get the opportunity to meet up one day soon


So festive!!


@lexy_the_elderbull love you!!! Did you have a good pride this year??


This is one cooooool cat lol ❤️


Was thinking of you today @catsofinstagram .. remembered when we ran into each other at the parade last year. Hope you had a great time.. we certainly did 🏳️️‍🌈👍


@sunglasscat Love you too my friend!! 💙😘 I had rainbow glasses too, from Pride in Philly, not sure where they are now 😊And I'm with ya on that! My brother is gay and I have several friends who are gay. Honestly I have met a lot of gay individual's through years, and they are some of the nicest, fun, and most loving people. Always there to accept you and just love you no matter what, No judgement! I will never understand the hate or where it comes from. Growing up through the years I was bullied often, and it can destroy you. I wish people would focus on just loving each other and stop the hatred. God what a better world it would be!!! 🌈💙


What a fabulous pussy!

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