o another perfect pic btw, u look sexy AF that's like over 50K in designer u got on too.


ok I'm coming down fur another personal joint again... ok just to document and vent... it be like. I fair better leaving the house sometimes, it helps me to get fresh air and not obsess. but its like no matter how many times I come out how late I stay out or even when I leave late night. I always have to come back home here to sleep and that shit is HELLLLLLL! madness B! its like, then on a day u might not have posted as much be like. I'm so gone, I care so much, and I'm not trying to rush u or complain but having so much to say and not having a line to u be depressing. but on my behalf I been trying not to complain or send none negative vibes your way when its happening but it HURT the worst at night. I'm calling it early because its gonna happen again tonight and I'm not trying to rush u or complain, its just I wish I could be closer than what I am yo.


Tha fukn queen

I'm a picture not a name

You went from best dressed princess to Dream Queen @nickiminaj

Gamble Gang 🎲

The ocean is so beautiful! 🙌🏼

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