Those bras are awesome


Except for the skin of not fried chicken it tastes disgusting


Nope I eat everything


Dont say this to my mom


@shaneeeey kya pla c iyah mahilig sa fruits..


This is true cause when get tired they want energy. 😩


Not True ;P


@tinanaeim law laqadar allah mostaqbalan y3ny had mesh 3ayez yakol 😅


I don't care when they eat, before or after playtime, they will eat everything on their goddamn plate


@staceface_08 we have recess right before lunch this year 👊🏻


Fruits and veggies


@life_of_josi Ach, so wurde das klappen.... nicht 😂😂😂


😂 I don't think the picture goes with the caption


Geloof er niks van 🤔

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