Then their heavy paycheck makes them feel so much better


Good thing we're having self driving cars built


@aurelyrobin kan ik me voorstellen


@instabinkaa those who work in public transportation of people.


I'm guessing that they would make the dankest memes


Cause they don't know wtf they are doing at work !


@parmpreetbajwa damn bro what u tryna say


Seriously where are these facts even coming from


@caity_hugs give me free rides


@justindormond17 where I'm gonna end up YAY


@arteagaism won't happen to you 💕


Trains always break down


@limermaids HAhahahs we are depressed


@yueqi oh noooooooo. Time to change job!!




Ask lei chow to reconsider his entire life @stabmeliketheystabbedcaesar


Ohhh hahaha @mandyzanietsui yes SO depressed


@kristineziur I'm pretty positive that I could prove this "fact" wrong by interviewing the teachers I know! 😂


@instabinkaa lol 😂😂 public transport;; bus, underground .........


@rannvii we already know this is true


Yeah but what's with the caption? Damn copy/paste machine 🅱roke again?


@maryammm24 257 am i right


@irioagung Glad you didn't 😝


You kinda confused descriptions guys


Makes sense...people are assholes lol


@dennyishung lol probably for dealing with customers


@dkro2088 eso te incluye


@trumbewas actually I wanted to apply a job as an officer at the Great Western Railway, Exeter lol

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