Tap 4 deets. Slummin today. Grindin 🍬


Tap 4 deets. Slummin today. Grindin 🍬


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@nickiminaj i just want you to no that i love u sm ,ur are my role model and am really a huge fans u might no see this my comment but i love u and am hear to support u 24/7 ur voice is amazing ,i like u for who u re,u really inspired me alot ,u think abt what people say abt u ,am so happy to have a role model as you i couitue putting u in my prayers i love u sm mommy keeping shine @nickiminaj @sza


The Need For You In My Tears...


emotional rollercoaster yo!


@nickiminaj OMG Babe! WHOOOOAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! something just happened... so since I'm a big bag of emotion over u... in general... the right music to my ears will overwhelm me to the point I burst into tears... so... I'm listening to the radio... Drake-Hold On We're Goin Home... Bruh! I mean I loved the song from jump, its 4 years old now but.... it is THE EPITOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CRIED HARD! bro! its best to let that shit out... minus the act different around me, because we've never met in person but that song... it was like the epitome of my love for u, like the u left your mark on me. the,,, OMG its happening again God. the I cant cant get over u, The Your The One, I'm crying again. OMG babe I love u so much... hope all is well, I'm going to tweet some lyrics from that song to u

Ali Guebabi

Yes jins 😎🆒🆒🆒

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With that fat ass booty



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