@rayan8327 my ears are being rapped call 911 right now


P.O.P : Stands for Power of Phonyness


@hekatevegana so you don't eat meat at all because it's just as horrendous..... if you say it's not your living to yourself judge yourself first


@ellensoomers soooooo you don't eat meat!!!! Fuk offf


so this is why I don’t like this guy @liamharland


@lo_hawkins if i only knew this secret before my last date, everything would be different.


@mastmoosir πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ohhhh that all it is??? Seems simple enough


Why does he look kinda like my doctor?


Que vulgar


what has music come to


Awful so sad she knew exactly what her plan was

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