@karansgr I was jussttt going to tag you lol


@vedikamohan that's us ...


Explains our issues @anujsakhuja


@rufobondanza8 trabajas durisisimo...


It doesn't say alcohol


This is fcking true


@julie.ng__ now we know why we have some problems. :D


Ahora todo tiene sentido 🙈🙈 @garysuarezmusic


Lol how why @sumer.rai not true. I've seen.


@sara.bhalla this makes sense


@katy.ls challenge accepted


@mpheyy this is not true


@tejal_m why am I only seeing this now 😂😂 so true. But maybe we should be better at planning 🙄


@karinnebarross tá aí a explicação...


Tá vendo?! Não é culpa nossa!!! Hahahahaha @beecalvente @rafaelpottes


@lemaire_joke This doesn't apply to Flemish does it 🤔


@ti.tino Yup definitely me 😂😂😭😭


@sankalparora that's going to change soon ain't it


@peiernnnn see i told you


@tulasisattyreddy guess we have our answer !

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