Black Jaguar-White Tiger

Some of our Coyotes, Indira, Guapo and the German Shepherd...
#SaveCoyotes #SaveWolves #blackjaguarwhitetiger




@sofiapierini popeye debe ser mezcla con coyote


U , trying to talk to me when I'm not in the mood (u are the coyote yes) ..


@aimz317 @itsairwrecka2u @lauutheresa us talking when we some type of way about something


And a Saint Bernard...OMG!!!!!!!❤️


@tonybakercomedy what you think you can do for this


Me encantan los lobos


Lol muero de risaaaaaa


😂😂😂😂 que fiesta !




Indira 😍😍


I know some are dogs and the other coyotes but do you think maybr they would be able to some day br together with out the fence in between them separating? Im just curious to knoa if thats even a possibility


@miwi9999 der Hund ist der boss


Love the St. Bernard in the background... He is not amused ....💕💕


The dog in the back is clearly sick of it. 😆


Kal' el el mejor felino de todos.


Sigo esta pagina hace muchisimo tiempo y dono, es la primera vez qe me siento orgullozo de el trabajo viendo a estos canidos aqui. Todos me parecen animales increiblessss. En especial amo a ls canidos y es increible qe haya humanos dispuestos ha hacer tanto bien!.




Guappo is chilling


Guapo is just like "hey guys.... Whatcha talking about?"


Omg those waggity tails 😻😻😻😻


I love all of them! Love love love!


@ariebarie omg she looks so beautiful! I am glad she is doing so well! I missed seeing her too!

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