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"Look!! It's my new sisfur!!" - @junotheangrycat

"Look!! It's my new sisfur!!" - @junotheangrycat




Is that what I'm going to look like when I get bigger wow


Look I'm a black and grey lion you both are so cute


@prince_justin_s guess which one is u n which one is me lol


Pretty kitties 😻


@giddysmalls yes it's one of my twins! Hehe


Enjoy your time with her😻😻😻 congrats @junotheangrycat 🎉🎈🎉🎈🎉💙


Looks like a Yeti 😂😹


Oh man @emmq_tufts check out the mug on that cat lol


@staciemckim ...we will never be getting one of those scary looking things...😳(..on the left..)


@katpowwow so magical 😍 I need him!!


@findingarcadia Gandalf in cat form on the left..


I see two very distinct and different personalities. Good luck, Mama!


Lovely cats!!!!


@bbeautyloca the cat on the left is what @llrvlpram needs to get not that savannah one lol


@junotheangrycat CONCATULATIONS! Such a magnificent big bro to Lil sisfur😍😻😻


Congrats on the new baby!! Teacj her well wise one!!


Both are adorable ❤️🐈❤️🐈


Wot breed are these cats 😍🙌 ??


Reminds me so much of Colonel Meow. 😸😸


Old Deuteronomy! From #Cats


Love it sisfer!


Colonel Meow! 😻😻


@eli_rutter look at that kitty!


Congrats cuties!!! 💕💗💕💗

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