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Believe the hype.

Believe the hype.






@chriswalsh34 future too bright tho


Moncada 🔥


What did he do?


Tim Anderson is #fake


@elilipari he is a month into his career, give him some time


@alyssa_brooks20 yoan getting things done 👏🏻


People hating in a guy a month into his career are a joke. This guy is the real deal!


Bad thing he's completely terrible


Thanks for taking my back man 100% agree @shoeyyyyyy from white sox fan to white sox fan


@afinstein3 every top prospect has an adjustment phase. It may not be right when they come up but it happens at some point. Bennedenti went through it this year and Devers has been scuffling in the last 5 games or so


@_ryanlbaker11_ Still only .213 for the year; everyone has hot streaks, and then they cool off


Yaaaa no bultooo


This kid has a bright future. He's only 22 and has incredible power for a 2nd base man. Stop hating


@eligreen17 he's batting .400 last 7 games bud...


Moncada the MAN. Let these yunguns like Yo, Engel, and Delmonico get a taste of winning. Maybe end the season strong. #gowhitesox #southsidesoxsweep


@bsblhq devers is hitting .319 and moncada is hitting .213 what is your argument


Dominating? @devers.fp


@bsblhq Devers is 20 and dominating....


Devers is struggling to get one hit @devers.fp


@bsblhq And Moncada is struggling to find the Mendoza line....


Moncada the MAN🔥🔥✊🏽


99 y pa fuera ummmm eso ta raro 👀👀


@bsblhq your fat probs, and big Pali was fat


He's gone from 406. To 319. In 5 games and is 3 for 19 in that span. Plus Devers is fat


@_alexdecowski adjustment phase? This is his 2nd MLB stint and he's a top prospect there's no adjustment phase. Devers came up just fine. As did Benintendi and he came from AA.


He is batting .400 in the last 7 games, but we wanna talk about the adjustment phase games instead. You guys are so petty.

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