@blackjaguarwhitetiger puedo mirar sus videòs por horas! 😃


Essa tigresa é linda mano, a Nicole @justinorenan


@brunorigoleto_ me da um gatinho desse amor


Is your team in China as well?


@wrapswithbri are you also a part of the rescuing team?


@keshabsharma15 You do realize this is a rescue facility and that all of these animals are rescues from abusive captivity, right? The tiger and jaguar that are in the video are not a part of the group that is separated. They cannot share the same space together. The tiger and jaguar are simply visiting their enclosure and have gone back to their own enclosure and those in the concreted area are already out and in their space. These animals cannot be released ever due to having grown up in captivity, never learning to hunt, beings sick/injured, declawed/defanged, too old, etc.


I feel so bad for these wild animals, why put them in a cage?


She got so big 😢


@blackjaguarwhitetiger hello! I have a question for you or anyone who can answer this. LSU is getting a new baby tiger to put in their habitat as the campus mascot. The tiger is 11 weeks old so it will never see another big cat again. I see many people comment on LSU's post saying they wish the tiger had a friend to live with him. Every time someone says that multiple people comment tigers are solitary animals and don't want a friend (especially males). However, I see your posts and your tigers aren't alone. Your tigers seem to enjoy friends. I would like to know if you believe the tiger should have a friend or the tiger shouldn't be at LSU at all or is the tiger fine being alone forever?




No mames como es que no te matan!!! Están padrisimos pero creo que yo si muero de miedo de verlos tan cerca y sin reja


How can we donate


She is such a big girl now🐯


:/ en cautiverio


No mamesss muero x poder abrazar a un tigre!!!!


I so missed seeing Nicole and Jade. They are looking magnificent as I would expect.


Alguien me puede decir donde esta a achilles o que le paso?


Si algún dia voy, rapto a la jade 😍😍


Nichole and Jade are so wonderful




...just need to bring my cats..😊


I will come and work for you....for free...just want to help...You are doing the grestest of all jobs.


For everything you do to save these magnificent cats, I hope you continue to grow, and that your sanctuary(ies) will someday be home to rescued elephants too💙🙏


Nick es la q tenia convulciones de chikita?!😱


hermosos esos animales


Me gustan como quisiera este hayy 💋♥️


Wow they are georgus I love tigers


Les envié 2 privados. Gracias


She is such a BEAUTY!!!

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