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Tim Tebow made a young St. Lucie Mets fan's day, and then went yard immediately after.




To deadly 🙌🏼🙌🏼❤️❤️


@juliemontone this man is a hero




Such a good dude. Love this guy 👍🏼


So much respect for this guy!!


Class act👍🏽


That's awesome works extremely hard but still is a nice guy who will toss up a ball or sign a autograph whenever you want


@mlb #timtebow Class Act...I wonder why Spike Lee didn't have a rally for Tim when he was given the cold shoulder in the NFL


Tebow really the 🐐


Tebow is awesome and he puts in the work BUT....... you ever think of how he undeniably was thrown a huge bone by getting a shot in baseball when there are thousands of young guys with talent that go under the radar every year? There's kids who have played baseball their whole life hoping that maybe one day they'll get a chance to play even minor league ball but guys like Tebow are taking their spot because of celebrity status... sorta kinda uncool but it's always who you know over what you know I guess


Real human.


@echtniettoch ... Kleine Stan bij een honkbal wedstrijd!! 😂😂😂


This man is so awesome! !


@joetidd your totally right lol. I think he started off hot . man he's cooled down .


@kevinprimm I see what you are saying my man but Tebow SELLS. Thats why he is even slowly bumping up because he sells tickets. He has a high fan base and is a good model. And most of the videos you see of him were taken by fans and sent to ESPN or other sports news. But you are right we should get to see the top prospects but it's just the fact no one wants to see minor league players. I personally would just be fine seeing them on TV but that's once in a blue moon.


@davearthurs07 What does being a Christian have to do with anything ? Isn't the vast majority of athletes Christian but they're still great people regardless? It's like people have to bring that up to make sure he is a good person. You can be good without mentioning it.


@natedog_gh_15 every player in low A has a goal to go to high A every player in high A has a goal to go to AA every player in AA has a goal to go to AAA and every player in AAA has a goal to go the next level, but that's besides the fact. I'm saying if we're gonna see a video of Tim Tebow a Single A player then we should be seeing videos of actually relevant prospects on the top 100 list hitting home runs or making an impact. In reality Tim Tebow is a second year single A player batting .220 and with any other name would not be getting promoted to the next level


@kevinprimm that's the thing most high A ballplayers are not going to give you amazing highlights every game nor are they even camera worthy cause in A ball they mostly play for themselves and not the team. They are all trying to go to the bigs but not all of them are hitting 20+ homeruns or throwing no hitters. Plus it's A ball literally the difference from A ball to the bigs is extremely high and no one cares about A ball. Its like saying we need to see more highlights from every D-league team in basketball


Need more Tim Tebows in the world!!!!


Thank you TIM...⚾️


That's awesome! 🙋


hes seriously jesus


@laurrrenx he's the sweetest!


Ok that's pretty awesome


You need to marry him @kristyn_26


All around great guy wish Tebow the best


He might not be a great QB or an All-star baseball player In the MLB, but its obvious he is a honest hard working Christian man. It's not about money, fame, or stats its about the love and passion he has for life and making an impact in whatever he does. How many everyday people can give a kid a fist bump and make an impact like that? Like him or not he makes an impact for being himself not what you want him to be. Give him a break and a chance.


Professional sports needs more of this. There's so much negativity surrounding Tebow and his biggest "fault" is the fact that he openly worships the good lord above. I praise him for being strong in convictions. He may not be the world class athlete that everyone expects him to be, but he's a stand up man and one heck of a person. I have nothing but respect for you Mr. Tebow. Keep setting a positive example for these kids.


much respect tebow


@kevinprimm I will agree with that

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