Sacramento Kings

"The juice is temporary, but the sauce is forever."
Young Kings got the sauce.

"The juice is temporary, but the sauce is forever."
Young Kings got the sauce.




Why am I the only one who thinks blue diamond almonds on the jersey is soo stupid , like almonds? 😂 wtf man almost as bad as the Harley Davidson logo on the bucks jerseys


yall got nothing to loose this season , so opt for the process


yall should start, fox,hield, jackson,randolph and giles


@iam_alexpoole he wasnt there the day they took those pics, he was at marcus paige's wedding, he was the bestman


For all y'all wondering Justin Jackson was at Marcus Paige's wedding, Jackson was his best man.


Where justin jackson at?


Okay just don't post any pictures of my boy @jjacks44 he's gonna end up being the best player out of all of them anyway


Where is Jackson?


The excitement is nuts in sac




Justin Jackson got the juice 🤷‍♂️😂


That should be Sauce castillo quote 😂😂


@georgethomas_ words to live by


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Justin Jackson got married that's why he wasn't there


Everyone Justin Jackson was not there Bc he recently got married


Wheres justin jackson was he traded


Justin Jackson??


I think JJ is missing because it was his wedding not too long ago


Randolph 😂


@swipathefox @pr00fessortrill @buddylove242 let's see some 2k18 screenshots/ratings!!!


But can we win games is the question




Where's JJ?


Where Justin at do


@maxdayan lessons for life


Fox is gonna ball out


@sorenj_a fox lookin too nice


Where's justin


It's a bucket bruh !


Where's Justin???


Where's JJ?


I feel they mad at me




R u going to play is the question

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