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Stro Motion.

Rogers Centre

Stro Motion.




Full house


Didn't realize you guys loved the #StroShow so much, so does the 6


this is so clean


Why do you promote stroman? He's not an ace


They basically give tickets away. You ever been? They are not baseball fans


Who leads the AL in attendance 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦


By the looks of the empty seats the last stop for the @bluejays bandwagon must be on the corner of 11 games out and last place #OPUD


Still took an L


@zachariah__95 try checking who's leading the AL in attendance before sounding like an idiot. Oh...too late


@zachariah__95 leading AL in attendance...


Except they got beat by my buccos


They lost


Lol try filling the seats


Pura fueza


I played his brother in baseball


I'm A Mariners Fan here following Stroman. We would love to have him for sure. No Pitchers ever perfect, he's had a long season pitching for Team USA remember That? He has great stuff just don't count him out so early.


This kid has a year or two left before he hurts something. He brings it but it's flat thank god for his curve. If that is off out a fork in him. In two yrs. he will being throwing 88. Wow maybe u can coach at ur old HS. This should fire u up Marcus but u better stop buying cars watches stuff for daddy jack Mom etc. u will b broke


Where are the fans?

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