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Is there anything @buckdaddy103 can’t catch?




that's my boy


Nice catch but terrible rout to the ball


@sunday_carra @seanwallace27 just now saw this, best in the business right there


He can't catch these hands


Honestly hop off


Then clearly u ain't watching @ryan_hare19


@jackjgray_ I work in twins system, I have seen plenty


@ryan_hare19 trust me he's on the rise, it may not look like it to a non twins fan but his average has gone up about 15 points in a week


@binge_86 couldn't agree more. All these people saying he played the ball wrong are mistaken. I love how all these people are so critical of one of the best center fielders in the game.


Kevin Pillar is still better than him.... #superman


these hands


@buckdaddy103 @mlb this is the right account


He can't catch a respectable batting average


Greatest catch I've ever seen


He can't catch my fire minecraft mixtape


Ебать красавчик)


He cant catch a breal from all of the haters above @mlb ^^^^


My friend did that to me @eli_jones101


But still great catch


Horrible route😂

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