calm down girl


@kayadetamore lol no. just sharing


did anyone ask? Yeah...... no. @imkrazzebarroso


lol, my bestfriend who is only 10 years old can singbetter


@brookeorichie doesn’t she have such grandma hands like tf


I hear melodies in my head😍😍😍❀️


Your voice is goals πŸ’•


Your voice is so beautiful 😊




U killed it


Hands goals😝


@katelynnn_hall how about u try to sing this good




@shireenbazzari I need to see sza and Madison collab


omg this cover of broken clocks is amazing i caaaaassnt @unicorn_bed_sheet_


@sahilvig.gif yea but no being funny mate don’t write it on here cause it comes off as hate. @elffin_davies


@emmatranterr Yes I did. That's just my opinion and you can't change that. But I don't want to come off as a hater. I know she has a decent fan base and I respect that.


@elffin_davies he must be deaf af πŸ˜‚


@sahilvig.gif did you seriously just say she can’t sing?? @elffin_davies


my ears hurt

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