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Rookie @amedrosario1's first @mlb homer? So, so clutch.

Citizens Bank Park




Can't spell clutch without Hector Neris


@ryancallahan16 when your pitching is too weak for the process to fix


wow Hector Neris blew another game typical


Phillies Blowing a lead in the 9th inning? Wow, haven't seen that Before lol




Best home run call in baseball


The rookies are so good this season🔥


future yankee




Why can't we be good


Hector Neris😭😡


@kylecudder werent they just in the WS 2 years ago?

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Lol that backfoot tho! Some serious power to hit one out with the backfoot dancing like that.


@amedrosario1 you weren't surprised you were ready 👍🏽


@anthonyfatiga we lost to a guy named amed❗️❗️


Sweet swing


Check out our latest video edit of Michael conforto 🔥🔥🔥




@jimmy.p257 trust the process😂


Who caress about baseball at this point it's all about football and we all know the jets are gonna win the super bowl this year so what up @matt.rogers21


No real baseball fan cares about the Mets or the little brothers of New York.


@mdestefanis5 aren't the mets in 4thplace in the worst division in baseball. And redsox are still in 1st in the 2nd best division 🤔


2nd best prospect in the MLB @matt.rogers21 and nice win last night for the sox


@mdestefanis5 it only took him a week


No home run call by the mets announcer will be as legendary as his call for the goat bartolo


@jackhembury two words, Tommy John?

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