@dingerwarehouse that was an amazing throw tf u on?


Nunez should of held at second base


Still took that L though


@stephen_d_9 i mean u wouldn't see Chapman pitching if they weren't trying to close out a win


Everybody's saying that we lost we won 5-4


@stephen_d_9 not they didn't we won 5-4


We still won tho


More like Frazier to the rescue


@kevinprimm not salty just so dumb people would say that idk why you would say salt


The thing is the Red Sox won the game by 10-5


He was safe hand was in before tag




Here we go yankees




Not hard not throw a ball


Fr that was all todd


He didn't even tag him


Yankees fan but lowkey missed the tag


People still try to run on Aaron Hicks? Different


@__pmccabe__u were at the game?


More like that pick my Frazier


He went to the high school I went to


@vazballz not a good play at all. Just stupid base running


Ese el brazo que necesita Yankees,

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