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96.2 mph! 270 feet - on the fly!

Goodness, @yasielpuig.

Dodger Stadium






Go dodgers




@savannahsupachana was he safe or out lol the video cut out


@tn_ross I don't even need to say anything about this one


@yankee625 Dodgers are playing really good baseball right now and without their ace Kershaw. I'm positive we'll win the West again this year but we all know the post season is a whole new ballgame. Of course I'm hoping it's our year 😃⚾️💙🙏🏼


Sape huevo, le dio chance de tomarle una foto @hurtadoo7 @guillermof11


@outl4wcountry I agree. Like every game.


Who ever is saying it was safe you are completely blind. Runner missed home plate by a mile.


He was on MLBTV other night. He is one athletic specimen @dsorrentino21


An absolute rocket


I can watch this over and over again!! ❤️❤️


And they still lost


Jesus I can't even hit that hard!?!?!


Phenomenal throw, phenomenal tag...OUT


He was safe


@cadefrederick yes, because Hunter Renfroe and Manuel Margot are definitely better than Corey Seager and Cody Bellinger.


@thee.nate.mlndz__ Dodgers are spending more on players not on their team than we spend on our entire 40 man. They should care


@westkoast21 Well based on that you will be a pads fan in 2019 🤷🏼‍♀️


Judge can throw harder so


follow for baseball memes


@thee.nate.mlndz__ @mlb the person who runs the @mlb IG is a Padres hater... they consistently highlight a play or player from the team the Padres are playing when the Padres are winning or have won that game... #nolove #hater


"Spaangennbergg with a base hit to right" - Joe Davis crew in the beginning of this!!!😹😹😹 @steve_summer @long_beach_bum @jimstagram_22 @mdesantis02 @rschneid3


Yes Puig




@teamthrash who doesn't give af... the dodgers.

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