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@blackjaguarwhitetiger Hello! In Russia deliver the order?


کسی میدونه کجا داره برم موتکاشو بگیرم


@shazriqfamily yes, we ship world wide!


Ya tengo mi sudadera de #KARMISFOREVER 💙💙💙 a seguir apoyando


I bought mine!!! I love what u do and will always support u!!


I wish you had muscle shirts for men 😭 @boycottcircus


@a_marie821 yes! We ship world wide!!


Donate please💙💙💙🐾🐾🌎🌍🌏


I want order, but when I check shipping fee to Indonesia too expensive, shipping fee same as shirt price😊


Regarde en haut les peluches !!! C tiiitiiii !!! @yaelle_hdj


I just got two t-shirts for my self and one for my fiance


Adoro todo pero la de lolis es un éxito!!!!!🐯🦁🐆💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞


Love the shirts and everything with the big cats on them!


@boycottcircus do you guys plan on getting more sweatshirts/shirts in stock soon? Every time I've looked there's only been 2XL or 3XL sizes left which isn't me, so I can never buy any haha. Love the designs though...thanks for the help.


@kredmansmith we have ladies sweatshirts with Achilles with no zipper :)


@curvilineaboutique please email me and I will look into it right away for you! Boycottcircus@gmail.com


@blackjaguarwhitetiger Hello! Thank you for holding the sale‼️ I received my order today & I love everything I received. Only 1️⃣ issue I didn't receive some of the items I ordered. 😰😫😢 Eddy can you please tell me who I can contact. I really would like the rest of my items. I'm going to recheck to see if other items are restocked. There were a couple of shirts I also wanted but were sold out. 😲 Thank you so much for your time‼️ 😘💋💝


Find your way to the tigers from Tiger Kingdom in Phuket. They're drugged and sedated for the public please they need help


@kaydubb13 contact the site not Eddy's instagram


@davi_virdi boycottcircus.org ;)


@blackjaguarwhitetiger was looking the other day and I was like wow this is great that a lot of your items r sold out till I got to loveys tanks and said damn it they're sold out too! Was wondering if you'll b restocking the tanks not many sizes left in any and I'm a small. I messaged them a few days ago but haven't heard back. Just wondering if I should wait before ordering?


You should make book bags


@blackjaguarwhitetiger do you have regular hoodies without the zipper with Achilles?


Just placed an order!!! Thanks for all you do.


Done I've got everything now I will not wear anything else went to Heathrow Airport today to pick up Alya wearing Enzo T shirt and bag every one was looking 😘😘😘😘


@cindygines Get while the gettin' is good!


@meinerubio visite la patina www.boycottcircus.org es la pagina donde compra y puede donar para la fundacion

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