MLB ⚾️

There’s no better way to celebrate! #TheBachelorette




Literally no one cares


I was there when she threw strike


@rachel_henriques is this coming from you or did someone hack your account??


Omg Brian looks so good @valeriajacome8


Brett's the man


@nfinn_19 when you get left hanging


@kaitlyncoles10 Bryan got rejected no handshake for him


@lukeviveiros @nikolasviveiros when bryan goes in for the handshake but gets DECLINED


Mingus [email protected] I'm kinda NAITnv. !!' Cuz


He got left hanging 😂😂😂


Bryan is officially an Instagram Husband 😂


yo why she wearing her hat like that :/ @colbyddunn2


@filinsk I was hoping for boooos


@c_karikari_ dude left bryan hanging lol


😂😂 he went in for the handshake and got 🙅🏻‍♂️


wish she would stop DI2RE2PECTING the field with her hat smh

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