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Watch. Then just listen.

All 40 @giancarlo818 homers, in all their glory.




Most of those are inside fastball


lol every single one of those was a no doubter


No one notice how those were all no doubters


@jrusso225 @emarmstrong95 james look where most of the pitches are he went and got them and still hit them out


@emarmstrong95 @johnnyshrugs cmon U saying that they pitching around judge but not him


He's gonna have 60 by end of season. Stud


Could watch this all day 🍿


Watch how fast each one is, unreal. @avaldes13


Anyone saying roids is dumb


Pimped all of them


Chopping wood


remember when his name was Mike? Pepperidge farms remembers


Why do pitchers still pitch to him dont they know he dangerous


Steroids he's probs juicing more than Braun did


I didn't see the one from when they were playing the angels with camo jerseys and nike trout got injured


Same bat sound every time


@djetronik when's the last time the Dodgers won a world series? lmao even the Marlins won a couple since


The most beautiful swing in baseball


yeooo all of them r no doubters!!! 😱


I would see you liked this post 🙄 @keatonc_


Where u at judge??


Look to the fanboys look he's cocky and talks bad about people so I think there might be a slight chance of steroids

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