Know what you don't know.
#8fact #facts #knowledge #9GAG

Know what you don't know.
#8fact #facts #knowledge #9GAG




Amdin bu doru mu @hsyn.blgl


what the fuck


how come we never talk bout heroshima or nagasaki nor slavery..i wonder why roths


Naziiiiiiiiiii @nuriacristo 🙄🙄🙄😐😐😐😐


@luciferlaura ayyyy doggo president


@doespirnes We wanted to make dogs the new ruler of the world


Yah don't believe it. My grandma was during that time and no they didnt


They must have made the dogs write 'KILL ALL JEWS'


@hardtour y eso te enorgullece? Me duele


@elruis, yo creo que sí


@felipe_248 pero yo no tengo perro D: tú crees que Parra cuenta?


@elruis, eso tiene fácil solución, habrá que intentarlo.


@felipe_248 que lo intentaran me lo creo, pero lo de que dio resultados... no sé Rick, parece falso


And they killed Nazis!


Wait what? Hahaha


Essaie donc de faire ça avec fleur @isafleurcitizensoftheworld


@fagrmoustafa our new dogs will do this


@samrashafqat way better than cats.


Far out 🙄 good one nazis 😒 @k.yahh @180degree.s

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