@oferofficial who doesn't celebrate a walk off? I don't think they're celebrating because they're one less game out of first...


he went brazy


Those Jerseys are 🔥


@lejuanjames why is that news he's on the Tigers of course he's gonna like it


He always does that @lilly_ruffin_


Baseball is lame tbh


@jaguirre_7 i have him on my team too☺️


Very cocky of him to flip the bat and then just stand there watching it


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Stealing Tom Hamilton's call @Indians


He pimped it so smoothly 💪🏾




@just_do_it_9519 wouldn't u actually hope that the twins would loose since there 2nd in the division???


@kylediebert well you do if had to comment on it


You are the best in the business @mario_impemba


As twins fans cheer about their chances at the playoffs. Tiger fans cheer because they got a win😂


Dig those jerseys


@jevq35 yeah you are right about that.

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