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Pretty solid way to spend a Saturday.

Busch Stadium

Pretty solid way to spend a Saturday.




One of the best views in baseball.


@longhorn134 how are we the worst in the MLB?


@fluchel last time we were on here


@longhorn134 but the Reds are in Cincinnati


I was there that day!👌🏻⚾️


But holds the worst team in the MLB


No posts about edgar🤔


The Stadium i watched my first ballgame


Or Monday, or Tuesday, Wednesday.... 😎


Best ballpark in the country amirite??


Best ballpark in the league


Killer View!!!


Go Cubs 😎


Busch is so nice😍😍


@mlb keeps posting pics from Braves' opponents stadiums


@n_joly8 Baseball declining


Keep sleeping on us




@julesnbjulien what do u have against the cards?


Y'all are sleeping on the cards 🔥🔥


@wespatterson12 top 3 ballparks in the country


Don't like the Cards - but I love the view :)


@_warhero_ what an idiot smh


@lennon159hv you're dumb af


@stephels_ Soccer is the number 2 sport in the Us among kids, teens and young adults. Who likes baseball? Old people and theyre dying out

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