MLB ⚾️

@dperalta6 homers the hard way.




I was at that game


Bien mi brother está acabando con la liga


@savannahsupachana you see one of these you seen them all


@super_sanni Steve Berthiaume and Bob Brenly


Taken Oppo too🔥


Cutoff man goals 😍😍😍


Remember Chuck nastys one tho 😂


That was nice base running


Okay can we take a second to appreciate how slick the cutoff man was with his throw


Turn sound all the way up, chillllllss @captnhook100




Best announcer in all of baseball


The dodger are stupid


Terrible def play


I was there🔥


That cutoff was real


Perfect game to be at right @olivia.schiller


Damn David! That was sweet. I wish he was a Dodger though!


imsane lol


He broke jays ankles

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