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This seems to be a nightly occurrence. That's 8 homers in 9 games for @giancarlo818.

Marlins Park




There is going to be a day where everyone figures out Stanton took roids


@j_gans yeah he reaching 50 for sure


@brynjrichards Stanton has hit 42 in 442 at bats. That's an average of a homer every 10.5 ABs. Cody has hit 34 in 362 ABs. That's an average of a homer every 10.6 ABs. Simple math.


He needs to be drug tested


Home run alert!!!!


@johnnyshrugs @emarmstrong95 gave him that pitch to. If it was judge they would kept pitching outside




@ryan_koppel took the words straight outta my mouth


De día también y al lado contrario.


@kenny_hiciano loco este tipo ta burlado, y hoy dio el 42, crees que llegue a 60?


He literally one armed that to the windows. 😬


This man just cleared the seats with one hand


De linea. En tres segundo salio jajajajajaja @guelm21


Finally not Judge


i was at the game


Test him ROIDS


La bestia humana 💪💪💪


@ericthames had like a 17 game streak where's ur post @mlb


@gcommesso numbers don't lie. Check again.


He's ridiculous @thiggyt

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