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Never ending surf of Nusa Lembongan 🏄🏼 Photo by @emmett_sparling

Bali, Indonesia

Never ending surf of Nusa Lembongan 🏄🏼 Photo by @emmett_sparling




Mira qué sitio @mickeypause !!😍




I actually will @gossipsofia


@han_glas I'm going for New Years come


Great shot


@drohum if we ever become rich


@andrewpattison cave at secret point


Such an amazing shot emmett_sparling!!! I'm love the incredible natural frame you've captured here and the detail in the water breaking over the rock in the foreground really helps to pull the viewer in and lead them on to the surfer in the background. Such an amazing shot team. Well done and huge kudos for finding and sharing it with us @NakedPlanet


Can we go back @gossipsofia


Yesss what a great perspective🌊


Hey I'm an amateur photographer and would appreciate it if you checked out my account. I would really love the support. Thank you.


Great ambience - looks perfect. 🏄‍♀️




Isn't the wave fierce? Be careful


Epic shot! 👌🤘


Stunning shot guys


Beautiful photo


Welcome to Indonesia...

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