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@josealtuve27 is just in the middle of everything.




Unos de los mejores segunda bases que existen en la MLB, bravo x el fruto de VENEZUELA!!!


Those Astros throwbacks 🔥


Hot fire


Eu não entendo nada 😂 mas acho super legal 👏🏽👏🏽


@tyleryoungdale it's because it rained you idiot

@brandt_ashworth nvm, dustin pedroia is way better, he has more gold gloves, more hits, more runs, more everything.


Beltre slow


what is that field


Lo hace ver fácil... @josealtuve27


It's just a double play ?

@brandt_ashworth that's a joke right


Just a double play. I would recommend posting good highlights @mlb not just the teams that r good


Anybody else remember when the only thing the MLB posted about was the Astros? Yea. Then the Dodgers happened. And Stanton. And Judge. And Bellinger. And Harper. And Trout.


Wait. It rained in Texas?


Oh my god they actually brought them back for a game @dom_toscano


Awesome double play!


Make it look so natural 💥


Belted equals slow lol


Those unis are sick


Se parece ami con el 0184 @jebb_11


A lo vizquel!


Jersies are 🔥🔥


@chaz__m throwback jerseys are sick


still got that L though


Those unis are 🔥


How about that stretch

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