@ngrish7 gotta have a little in ya


@gus.herreraa yeah it has nothing to do with LA being a big market and KC being a small market. But hey- calling someone "idiot", when you don't know them is a great strategy to make life better. Nice!


@ehampton645 he's a Rookie idiot ofc he's gonna get more attention than moustakas


@dakota.hanna Davis is on one of the worst teams in thr league though


@ehampton645 he's a rookie thats why


@mlb you know you were a couple of inches away from not posting it


Such a sweet follow through on that swing. He just might stick around


@dhodge31 he's a great player, definitely capable of starting everyday 😛


When you end up with Bellie's 34th HR ball.. but your dog eats it 😥


Bellinger>Judge belli plays better defense doesn't strike out as much and played a month less than judge and he also plays in a harder park to hit homers


We totally care


lol theres moneyball steve


Gran pelotero Cody bellinger!!!


@americaspastimebaseball sick baseball account bro




Bela jogada 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽


Did you know @moosetacos8 has the same amount of home runs as him? I bet I've seen every one of Bellinger's home runs via this Instagram and not one for Moustakas. Sad!


... so can most MLB players


This kid the real deal already gonna buy his jersey


@adeeter07 Carter Capps

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