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@Dodgers are fastest NL team to 82 wins in 73 years (1944, Cardinals).

@Dodgers are fastest NL team to 82 wins in 73 years (1944, Cardinals).




When y'all take a few seconds to stop arguing about which team is better, you'll notice Puig's feet are so ridiculously tiny 😳 do not match his body at all DAMN


That '44 Cards team was legit


@leesahhh 83 as of today ⚾️💙


@gavinogomez9 actually I'm a rockies fan and they are on their way to a wild card spot


@drobinson_11 it's fine I know you like the worst team in the leugue, but it's fine they're not making the playoffs may in the next millenium. #goodluck


@gavinogomez9 so will the Astros lmao


I hate puig


when ur my partner and make the last shot in bp @alisonavina


Still gonna lose to the cubs


They will lose their first game in the playoffs!


So the dodgers are this years bandwagon team, last year the Cubs were the greatest thing since sliced bread. Now it's Judge and Dodgers and no one else.


go cardinals


@secret_account_02 have you seen how many homer he has and have you seen our record


Man if they don't win it all what a waste !!


Nobody cares


My boys in blue breaking records! Not done yet! Lots of games left ⚾️💙👏


I'd like to see the dodgers and the Yankees in the finals


@secret_account_02 let me guess your a giants fane

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