Know what you don't know.
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Know what you don't know.
#8fact #facts #knowledge #9GAG




Especially in Sociology class


How does that even make sense?


不不不不不不 that fine!!! V r friends~~ bt y 'college education' ?? @madskullz


Not with thigh highs


@raf_ikitiki Depends on if what they are stating is actually a fact, or just a statement of their belief. 仄


@hume_lake or because they base their opinions on facts not on beliefs...


Maybe because teachers brain wash students into becoming atheist?


This feels true


@charlton10899 though I haven't completely abandoned, this is true in my case


@baking_brainn meine kya kiya? :3


Ignorace is a desicion


Hahah ja f繹rmodligen. Han som trodde att du var galen som inte trodde p疇 Gud @louisehenriksons


eller f繹r att man blir hj瓣rntv瓣ttad by crazy nebraskans @sara.franson




Good to know


@eb_dub correlation does not equal causation


Correlation =/= cause


@parker.wade.j um no, there are a lot of conservatives that are atheists


Sounds pretty liberal


Happens to me


I'm 14 and seeing all the bad and terror in this world made me realise


*I.didn't have any credit and I was on holiday.


@its_flo67 hahaha lolll. Also I'm so sorry I couldn't reply not your text a few week ago


These comments tho @icecreamtacos_


flying spaghetti monster


Yup. AND I went to a private, catholic university. Lol


@simbagomwe school is bad for you mate

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