Black Jaguar-White Tiger

La Niña :)
The first time that I walk a Dog in 25 years...
La primera vez que camino a un Perro en 25 años...




Yay👏👏👏 you gonna love it.


La Niña!!! I have had una perrita... fue tremenda


I hate leashes to I only use a harness


Yes walk your other kids 🙈


I would love to see you walk your other kids. Everyone will be SOOOO petrified. Lololol


Which kind of breed dog is it


So glad you found her!!! 🙏




I don't like them either but it is the law


@mlbnobaseball yeah.. that's right 😅


Ni el chiquitín tuvo esa oportunidad de salir contigo? o Grace?


Siempre hay una primera vez, cuando?😘😂


Es ella dela resgate de unos días atrás!??


Make bjwt leashes


@lidsgram Still need to hook a leash to a harness.


She's just so cute ♥️♥️♥️♥️🖤


May be YOU can help this baby...



Me encantaría tener todos los perros a los que maltratan y abandonan 😥. Algún día lo haré. Gracias por hacerlo. (Una pregunta @blackjaguarwhitetiger , porque no usas arnés en vez de collares con los niños?) Cariños desde Argentina


Eddie says "oh look its Canelo and... I forgot the names" then the other guy responds "Canelo, Porfirio and Napoleón" referring to the dogs.


Ha ha she never knew she would be an ambassador for BJWT 😂😻😻 she is so cute 😻😻😻


She's cute :)


@blackjaguarwhitetiger I don't like leashes on dogs either.Dogs should be able to run and enjoy ....But a world free of enslavement of hunanity and the animal kingdom is just around the corner!


If you don't like leashes, why not try a harness? @blackjaguarwhitetiger

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