Thought I'd try give Mum the cold shoulder when she got home. Yeah that didn't work out. 😬 #sucker4love #snugglemonster




Mum! Where is that feels video u did dancing with Darren?! I swear I couldn't breathe from laughing I love it! Can you repost pleeeeeassse?? ❤️😜❤️😜


He's trying so hard to hate it, but he ♥️'s it!!


Queria que o thor fosse assim 🙁 @luccascarvalho19


@norcaldogmama these two are so sweet!!! Follow them too :)


love that happy face


That face 😍 So in love


Ya big Sooky La


Ohhhh, that is terrible mum, terribly GOOD‼️‼️❌💙❌💙


Look at that face. Pure bliss 😃


Weak!!!! 🤣🤣🤣


😍 Awww, kissing terapy! 😊👍


Wow! I want snuggles like that! I'm jellie!!


Your mommy is so lucky she gets to love you like that and I bet she has really strong hands because you are a handful lots of scrunchie fur and muscle to massage sending my love to both of you and your brother from Brenda in California ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️XXXXXOOOOO


You must be a mummy's boy like me! They give the best cuddles 😍😍




😍😍😍 they're so cute!


@meganglenn2.0 they're so precious

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