Drew League

It all came down to the Hometown Favorites and Birdie's Revenge.
Here's a look at the highlights from yesterday's Championship game.



Mannnn you've grown into the ultimate threat so much diff from a 6yr old kid going at it in watts with me dog @franknittyy


@secret__society but he yo favorite artist


2. Does anyone know the score of the game when they played these guys?


1. How did Harden, cp3 and Marvin Bagley not make the finals?


The game sorry af


@carter_mangum yeah he's been doing this for years


lolll game out there warming up with them


Y'all gotta get a tv deal @drewleague


Game never does anything lmao


All the way from ted Watkins snl days #noexcuse#wattsstandup#nittyupnext


@leo_hernandez5 bro he plays exactly like you


Can the game hoop??


Oooh boy, that was neat @2bailey


yooooo that pass thru the arms was crazy @cuba.bryce




That pass was nasty 😷


Wya @sleepycjay youvaint on the court


Nitty was out there dimin niggas haha chuck wit da block tho


Good passsssssss‼️‼️‼️‼️


Nitty should be in the g league at least


Dam my man @cali_roe done took one the face saving one . I see you boi


@franknittyy balled the hell out👀🔥👏👀


Niggas let birdie get revenge 😔 where was shepp 😂😂😂


The Game a true baller @drewleague

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