Panera Bread

One last look at summer with the apple of my eye. #regram @ladyhill #myPanera

One last look at summer with the apple of my eye. #regram @ladyhill #myPanera




Don't get rid if it 😭 Panera is forever discontinuing all of my favorite food from them lol


I'd rather go to Cava


My favorite salad ❤️🥗


My daughter and I love this salad even though she wants to have a favorite different from mine - too bad it's too good! #momwin!


Ultimate staple, definitely me and @iamkaylasky favorite salad of all time from @panerabread 😩


Just please don't EVER get rid of the Fugi Apple Chicken Salad


@douganerin We don't blame you, that's one our personal faves too.


@panerabread definitely your broccoli cheddar soup 😍


@mariuchis3x We don't disagree. Enjoy! 💕


@douganerin Feeling the love! 😘What's your fav?


@isabell246 it's back!!!


Looks yummy




Chicken fuji apple salad


Your food is literally so good 😭💓


I love those apple chips 😋


This is me & my Mom's favorite salad! 😍


Yummydelicious!!!! 😊👌


I miss the Wild Mushroom soup


My favorite!!


Please bring back the Autumn Squash soup I n e e d it


Bring back the strawberry poppyseed salad


please tell me you're bringing back the ancient grains salad. i LIVE for that one!


My favorite 😍 thanks for sharing my photo!


That reminds me of the song I hear all the time at Panera "holy moly me oh my you're the apple of my eye"



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