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That #postseason feeling.

That #postseason feeling.




you're GODDAMN right


That feeling of pain and suffering


That choking feeling


The "I can't win in the postseason" face


dodgers finally win a game and everyone is back on the bandwagon smh...


@tigers can't relate...😒


Clayton "Regular Season" Kershaw


Let's go!!! 💙💙


Y'all mad ?


@mike__bon actually we're W1 rn !


Too bad Matt Adams wont be there for Kershaw to call daddy again


More like were going to choke like we always do feeling


Congrats on putting an end to the 11 game skid. Lol


When you finally win


That 11 game losing streak feeling


The 10 game losing streak feeling


That losing streak face


That feeling when you lose 15 of 17😂


It looks like he's practicing his choking skills 😂


That feeling when you score a run on 3 errors and you lost like your last 47


That first round exit feeling


Let's keep it going!


That first win feeling


It's better to say the first win feeling since I don't know when


hopefully he doesn't play the birdnals


When you lose 11 in a row and u get randomly frustrated and realize oh shoot I forgot we are gonna lose in the first round


I'm not a Dodgers fan... but I would like to see them win for all the haters.


Straight Ls


That feeling when u lost the last 15/17 games


Choking feeling 😂😂😂😂😂


He just mad cause he knows he gonna choke


That 1st round choke feeling


That "all that hype for nothing because we lost in the first round" look.

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