This is a fantastic shot!


The Best


I do big jumps myself


Na it's a new project funded by futty @angus.macfarlane


When did cardrona get this , Is this instead of the new pump and jump @conall_scott


Mdrr je sais je sais..!😂@a.xel7


@nfxrr sa je le fait easy frr 😘🤙🏼


Wow omgosh


You this winter @aacoyne


Amaizing bro


is that a cork?


@hugolaugier ouai mais pour que tu entends que vers moi qui parle ^^ pas mal


@sachamoretti c'est toi qui etait a coté. On en avait parlé dans la voiture. Tu etais avec lucile.


Good try bro


this was awesome


What was that I can't even tell dub flat 10?


What do they call this trick


@josimug firmó eh!!! Me encantaría ser yo!


Rip to this dudes knees. Jesus Christ.


@ryantallan what the fuck???!!?!?!?!


@hugolaugier haha comment ta pu savoir que c'était moi ^^


Merci @sachamoretti pour ton com haha


Frate hai volatooo


We have lift off! Well,just about! @RosieHW


held the grab for so long.


I thought he landed the first one


Dope. First time is always the hardest. Break through those nerves and persevere! Bravo!


I'm just walking it off, lads... ⛷️

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