Which one was the rapist? I forget! 😳


Yup count those rings lebron


Big dog. They talking about Lebron wanna come to La now. I think minority of true Lakers fan don't want him there. We not with all that ring chasing bandwagon jumping team. Kuzma and the rest of the light skin connect going get us to the playoffs this year. PG is all we need.


8+24 =32 i say retire both cos the both made up the 3 2 championships


@tagataaal i will go with 24 Kobe!


Me vs. me (exactly how it should be) The GOAT 🐍!


The black Mamba


The truth...


One of the very best ever to play for the Lakers


🐐🐐Goat mamba 🐍and goat dog 🐶🙌🏻


Thanks for that big dawg.


And only one MVP between the two of them😂


@mstarke88 7 rings if the lakers won Detroit and the leprechauns


24 is better👾


Incredible player.


Man. Kobe. I still remember when he jumped over that Aston Martin...


Almost identical! Black MF'n Mamba!👊


basket ball is great


Would have had 3 titles if we didn't lose to Boston's 3 . Also remember. On that 2nd part of his career #24 had 3 titles appearances with a back to back title wins


Tale of Two Kobe's


Follow the flyest nigga in San Diego Cesar Belifonte


Da bulls!!!!!!!!


Un monstres ❤️


8 is better


Retiring 8 and 24! Not sure that it's ever been done by the same team! KOBE deserves it!!


Give my man his respect geezz 🐐 Mamba


I told niggas this was the only nigga that was gonna retire 2 jerseys 😂😂😂fuckin goat🐐🐐

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