Marlon Wayans

@tessamaethompson and me 👠 great artist greater spirit

@tessamaethompson and me 👠 great artist greater spirit




@marlonwayans greet you. Dear frend loving you as an actor and as a person I want to ask for help. my name is Leonid.u my younger son has health problems, heart! in 4 years, doctors gave the go-ahead for the operation after which he will become a full-fledged man. I am not in a position to, I ask you to kneel, be kind to help my baby, I beg you, the world is not without good people, watching the film with your participation I decided to share its problem and ask for help. God exists and I hope he will help.


Please please please please please please please follow me back marlon


I commend you for your none stop quality at what you do


She's so bomb


She is the BEST!


She's. Unbelievably dope.


You got one of those 50 shades thoughts in your mind! Lol


love you both


Love her !


@healthcoachhj you kicking it with Marlon?


That girl is gorgeous!


Up up and a way!


Marlon I love you ♡ BR BR


the cuteness >

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