This is insanely good! 👊




You know the line is good when the hat falls off


@cjbrown_199 right? So fluid ugh we gotta learn today! 👇🏻


@trystonpastrana that nose bonk to bar spin is tight 😳


@jordan.trials217 this is actually crazy 😂😂😂


@a.sulaiman.s dont be lazy go crazy


@carmello767 pshhhhh I can do that hah jk that was dope


Epic moves 🚵🏻🚴✌️👊


The wall ride is the BEST!!


Lol how much bars are there in that tyres?


I can do better trex


No helmet?!! 😱😱 Bad style to show off 😞


Y'all needa post more bmx


@redbull great quote lol


Y his tires so low?


BMX = 80% riding and 20% going to pick up your hat after a spin


Definitely can't do that @taylorlloydx

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