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‪I can't believe next week is the season finale of @NBCMarlon trust me when I say "we saved the best for last"!‬ tune in THIS WEDNESDAY NIGHT at 9 & 9:30pm everyone do what we have a #MARLON PARTY @nbcmarlon FINALE

‪I can't believe next week is the season finale of @NBCMarlon trust me when I say "we saved the best for last"!‬ tune in THIS WEDNESDAY NIGHT at 9 & 9:30pm everyone do what we have a #MARLON PARTY @nbcmarlon FINALE



Congrats marlon on season 2


@marlonwayans okay!!!!! I just binged watched Season 1 of your show (college grad and concerts-priorities🙄) I have to admit, this is the most laugher I've had from a show in a very long long time. I love have you act a fool but still make Ashely feel like she's loved (that was the exes with benefits episode 😂). Btw, that roasted pig line was hilarious!!!!😂😂😂 I've always loved the Wayans' Brothers and @essence_says really helps bring you back into balance, but when she tried to put the apple in her mouth, I almost died laughing. Thank you for taking comedy and being unbiased. No race is exempt. 😂😂 Anyways, I love your work and keep it up. Hopefully I can see your stand up show one day. 😊😊


This episode was HIGHlarious!!!!!! I re-watched! lol!!!


Congrats on all the success w/season 1 and being renewed for season 2! The show is a hit! "Have you seen her Snapchat???" She is borin' as hell! I unfollowed her 4 months ago!" 😂😂😂 #Hilarious @marlonwayans @nbcmarlon


Yo. Your killing it! Keep it up!!! What was that?...last three eggs in a egg carton!!! @marlonwayans


My homie Sam was in this episode! #dope


#Marlon keeps getting better and better!


I've been waiting for this episode. @marlonwayans #hilarious


Too soon for season finale! 😱My family and I LOVE your show..hope it's a short hiatus..❤️🇵🇷




Finale already!???? 😩


Such a fun show!!!!!!!!!


Love the show and laugh constantly throughout the show. Hope it continues :) I miss shows like this. Then a all black cast makes it even better.


Keep up the great work @marlonwayans


@marlonwayans get out of Character! Its necessary lol!


Great show salute


What??? Next week is the season finale already Noooo I love this show!


Awww it's about to be over 😔 I love this show...hoping for a season 2


I love this show. It's funny and has a message at the end. Some of y'all bad ass kids need to watch so they can learn something since y'all ain't giving them home training! Stop hating on this man. Support our shows! 🙌🏼


@marlonwayans @martinlawrence When Socioeconomic status and entitlement issues creates a cesspool for Mental Illness. THE SECRET THORN by Aisha Spain on Amazon. TY


@marlonwayans my husband and I love your show and I tell everyone in Palisades, Ca to watch bc its sooooo good and funny! ❤️


I love this show we need more like this that say the funny ish we all say in private #supportiseverything...if we dont support our shows there will be non ....dont wait until syndication to say you love that show..... I miss the Carmichael show another loss


Already!? Y'all tripping...I need 2 more episodes please the show!


I've watched every episode... Season 2... I'm ready


@marlonwayans btw, since I'm in Florida and bored to death from #Irma and being stuck in the house, I'm going to binge it with my daughter. 😉💁🏻


I love your show. Keep doing what you Do and don't worry about the jealous haters. We love love anything from the Wayans. They haters. Ignore. Ignore. Keep it moving.


@marlonwayans your show is HILARIOUS! I saw it for the first time a couple weeks ago. It's so relevant to every family. I LOVE IT! Congratulations and keep it up!


@marlonwayans I hope there's season 2 coming ...


Wow that was quick!


@marlonwayans ~ Well said Marlon. Damn, you tore this idiot a new asshole. They started the bullshit and you damn well finished it. Kudos!! #don'tcomeformebitches/bastards! That's all.


@marlonwayans Brazil loves you! Keep rocking!


That weird dude @699likes has pics hugged up with trannies on his page & he is talking non sense🤷🏽‍♀️ @marlonwayans


Absolutely Love This Show :)


I cannot wait for season 2!!!


@marlonwayans can't next week is the finale. My Wednesday night tv viewing is boring without your show. Can't wait to see what you have in store. ☺️🤗


Hi Marlon! @marlonwayans I'm a fan of your work, always have been. I appreciate your physical brand of comedy. You have made me laugh for decades! We are apart of the same generation so I've been a rider for awhile! Lol. As a fan, I'd be remiss to not mention a small critique. I think you need to allow for your co-star to shine a bit more. Your screens can be a bit over the top and it appears your co-stars are just standing there watching you "do your thing". I know you picked a team of talented people who can deliver the funny as well. I want your show to have longevity and it's my opinion that long lasting successful shows are the ones when you get to know and see all the stars shine. There's so many examples of that. Again, your awesome but your mostly at 10 in every episode while the others are merely delivering small parts. This is just what I notice as a fan and want to see you continue to succeed bc I love to see black entertainers shine & win. Continued success and blessings to you and the show from a fan! 😙

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