"Just a small-town kid from Auburndale, Florida." @tmac213 #17HoopClass






@aminahmykel how I need my man to look when he gets old and starts getting grey hairs lol😩🙌🏾🙌🏾


Anyone who thinks T-Mac doesn't deserve to be in the HOF doesn't know basketball and should be ignored


@philmo_95 rings dont make a player better.


That's irrelevant!!! Robert Horry was one of the most clutch players in the playoffs and Championship games in NBA history with (7 rings) to go with it!!! If T-Mac was one of 3 best players on all his teams he never got them out of the (First round) of the playoffs!!! That's not HOF to me!!!


@philmo_95 Robert horry was never one of the 3 best players on his team in his entire career


A good player??? That's it??? There's been a lot of good players in the NBA but they don't deserve to be in the HOF!!! @peytonzachrich


@philmo_95 because T-Mac was a good player


Real legend 🔥


How do you put T-Mac in the HOF before Robert Horry???


Got a lot of love for you @tmac213 werd up all the way too Mt. Zion beloved #YFC


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